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He has recorded many albums written exclusively for his voice by very famous composers and songwriters – poets of Greece.

His first album was recorded in 1990 titled “To Dilemma” with lyrics and music by Stamatis Spanoudakis. This album contains the very well known song “Lathos Epochi”.

gaitanos spanoudakis
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" Personally, I like very much Petros Gaitanos from all young singers "
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Grigoris Bithikotsis
Greek Singer


At the same time with his strong recording entry he collaborates with Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Dimitris Zervouthakis in the summer of 1991 also he is been on tour and giving concerts throughout Greece and Cyprus.

kalokeri 1991 scaled
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The winter of the same year he shares the stage of “Nea Dilina” with Manolis Mitsias, Eleni Demou, Eleftheria Arvanitaki and Manolis Lidakis.
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" Petros Gaitanos is the new pullen of Spanoudakis "
Eleftheros typos newspaper
14 . 10 . 1990


In 1992 his second personal album titled “Gyalinos Dromeas” has been released and in 1993 his third one, titled “Se proto prosopo”, all discography projects in which Petros Gaitanos collaborates with the important Greek producer Giorgos Makrakis and important composers like Yiannis Spanos, Christos Nikolopoulos, Arleta, Dionisis Tsaknis, Lavrentis Macheritsas, Pantelis Thalassinos and lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou, Manos Eleftheriou and others.

These albums besides the important collaborations they highlighted other hits like “Sto Kastro to Palio”, “Kai me Pernoun ta Klamata” etc.


With Dionisis Tsaknis and Odysseas Ioannou at the recording studio.

In January of 1992 he collaborates with Stamatis Spanoudakis and Eleftheria Arvanitaki in two rare appearances at The Pallas Theatre in Athens.
Yiannis Markopoulos invites him to sing his songs at the concerts and in the same year he participates along with Giorgos Dalaras in the last work of Dimitris Lagios “Ina Ti” at The Pallas Theatre in Athens.
me dalara

The summer of 1992 his sings along with Manolis Mitsias and Margarita Zorbala while touring throughout Greece and Cyprus, also in some of these concerts he collaborates for the first time with Grigoris Bithikotsis.

KALOKERI 1992 2 scaled e1601825994688
Touring in Australia with Manolis Mitsias and Tania Tsanaklidou.
6 1992 scaled
The winter of 1992 he performs at “Tounel” with Yiannis Poulopoulos, Vicky Moscholiou, Yiannis Spanos, Christos Dantis, Stathis Aggelopoulos and the O.P.A.
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" I am of those who are admiring the voice and the art of Petros Gaitanos "
Haris Alexiou
Greek Singer
June 1993


The summer of 1993 he tours along with Charis Alexiou through Greece, Cyprus and Israel, while having on their group Mary Linda continuing touring in the United States and Canada.
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" Petros & the head of Orthodoxy "
Newspaper Sport time
20 . 1 . 1996


In 1995 he participates in the film “Orpheas and Evridiki” interpreting the lament of Evridiki, starring Andrew Bullock as a leading actor and Oliver Reed as a narrator.
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In the summer of 1995 he is on his first solo tour throughout Greece.Mikis Theodorakis invites him in a tribute which the national Greek tv presents in his honor meanwhile he participates at a concert for the composer’s 70th birthday at the Panathinaiko Stadium along with forty other singers the event was presented by Maro Kontou.
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The top composer Mikis Theodorakis invites him to record his last complete work of the important Greek creator titled “Politeia D” written by the important lyricists Manos Eleftheriou and Spiros Toupogiannis.
as tous na mas koroideuoun
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politia d
In 1996 his album in collaboration with Charis Alexiou has been released titled “Ena Fili tou Kosmou” with a live recording from their concert at the Lycabettus Theatre in 1993. The album became platinum.
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The summer of the same year he is been invited by the lyricist Lefteris Papadopoulos to became the major performer of his work. The performer stages a show for the 33 years career of the lyricist to the Greek song writing with very successful tours throughout Greece.

This important lyricist states that Petros Gaitanos is the foremost singer in the latest decades talks about him and said in his characteristic way “…..I said like Palamas used to say ….. make room so Ritsos can pass through…..likewise now I said make room so Gaitanos can pass through …..it will be a great idea all the Greek singers to stay aside so Gaitanos can be ahead…..”

kalokeri 1996 scaled
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1997 finds Petros Gaitanos at the Greek TV along with Demetra Galani and Giorgos Chatzinasios with show hosts Antonis Prekas and Lina Nikolakopoulou and special guest Nana Moschouri in a global connection with Greeks around the world, a night filled with wonderful Greek songs and with Panhellenic emotions.
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Meanwhile he participates in many different cultural festivals and also he is been invited in many events under the auspices of the past President of Democracy Mr. Kostis Stephanopoulos.

At the same time he tours with Mikis Theodorakis and his “Folk Orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis” throughout Greece with singing with fresh breath his important songs.

In October of 1997 the important album titled “Eleftheres Thalasses”, has been released with material inspired by the Genus and Orthodoxy.
In the fall of the same year along with Anastasia Moutsatsou he appears for an entire season with many successful shows at the music stage of “Taboo”.
" Petros Gaitanos is expressing with his image and his voice the personality of Alexander the Great "
ΧΑΤΖΗΝΑΣΙΟΣ 1024x701 1
Giorgos Chatzinasios
Greek Composer
Spring 2006


In April of 1998 he is collaborating for once more with Yiannis Markopoulos in a concert at the Stadium of “Eirinis Kai Filias” for the 200 years from the birth of Dionisios Solomos performing along with other singers the work of “Eleftheroi Poliorkimenoi”.
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In March of 1998 he gives a big concert at the “Pale de Sport” of Thessaloniki with big success, the inseparable was created there by the audience applauding to Petros Gaitanos while he was remaining on the stage and on the bleachers between the people as well, for four hours continuously!

Along with him he had other guests like Poly Panou, Loukianos Kilaidonis, Xanthipi Karathanasi, and Stathis Pachides, the summer of the same year the artist toured in many theaters and other venues in the country with big success, Petros Gaitanos had already started been established in the hearts of all Greeks and is becoming the favorite singer of all Greeks.

pale de sport thes nikis 30 3 1998
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4 scaled

Performing a big tour throughout Greece, Cyprus and the United States that year he travels at the occupied Imvros and performs a concert there that touched and remained indelible in the memories and hearts of the few residents of the island and all of the Greek visitors who had traveled for the concert there, likewise to all Imvrians around the world.

The fall of 1998 he performs live his new works “Eleftheres Thalasses” and “Ageras, Erotas ki Armyra”, integrated in a very successful and interesting show at the Gyalino Music Theatre, directed by Thodoris Atherides, this show was also performed at the Aigli Theatre of Thessaloniki with a big success while the summer of the same year is been performed throughout Greece with large numbers of audiences.

gialino MUSIKO THEATRO 1998


Ιn 1999 he curates the album “E Thalassa sto tragoudi” that includes songs about the sea, the profits were donated to support the Thalassemia Foundation of Thessaloniki.

Petros writes the lyrics for the song dedicated to Thalassemia titled “San to poulaki pianomai” performs concert and all the proceeds are going to the foundation which gives him the tittle as a honorary president.

san poulaki pianome
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That year he appears at the music stage of “Aigli” in Thessaloniki and performs twenty shows in the ancient monument with his songs and a tribute to Mikis Theodorakis and Lefteris Papadopoulos the performances turned out to be the most successful ones of the year by doubling the sold out shows.

" Like Palamas have said: make room so Ritsos can pass through and now I said to all Greek singers: make room so Gaitanos can pass through! "
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Leftheris Papadopoulos
Greek Lyricist, Writer & Journalist
Summer 1996

1999 - 2000

The years 1999 – 2000 he collaborates with Giorgios Chatzinasios in the music stage of Taboo having along with them Alexia and Michalis Chatzigiannis.
1999 2000
Giorgos Chatzinasios records with him the soundtracks “ Sinora Agapis” and “Sta Ftera tou Erota” which became the most high rated tv show in the history of the Greek TV with many televised reruns up to the present while the song “Etsi ftiagnete e agapi” occupies a special place in people’s heart.
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The same year he enjoys singing the song of Yiannis Markopoulos “ E Mana tou Mega Alexandrou”.
MARKOPULOS TRIBUTE 1 e1597757714553
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He meets with Eleni Vitali in collaboration with the Estoudiantina Orchestra and the participation of Agathonas and Sofia Papazoglou, working and creating a unique tribute in the music of Smyrna at the music stage of Grammes with special performing studies in the traditional music.

SMIRNI 10 2002 scaled
Right after he goes to Thessaloniki and presents at the characterised now firmly music stage by the name “Aigli” a tribute to rembetiko and folk song with great success by tripling the number of planned performances.
3 2001 scaled
The summer tours with his concerts throughout Greece and between all, he performs the show “Me mia macheria Feggari” in collaboration with the “Nycton String Orchestra of Patras” with the participation of the actress Kerasia Samara a unique and standing out performance at the Ancient Odeon of Patras.
At the same time his new album “Kryfi Selida” has been released with music of new composers in orchestration of Manolis Famellos a modern work with a contemporary sound.
In June 2001 he performs along with Mario Frangoulis the new work of Yiannis Markopoulos in poetry of the poet Manolis Prattikakis, in the first global presentation titled “The symphonia tis Iasis” at the Athens Concert Hall for the international day of the Red Cross in collaboration with the orchestra of the “Filon tis Mousikis” with soloist Mark Graounels, the artistic curation was made possible by Alekos Fasianos. Present at the concert was the President of Democracy Kostis Stephanopoulos.
12 6 2001
He meets with Mimis Plessas at the Olympic Stadium along with other artists singing songs of the composer in a concert dedicated to his work.
" Petros ¨enchanted¨ the Polis with his voice "
Apogevmatini newspaper
18 . 1 . 1997


In November of 2002 he sets up and performs at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall a performance titled “Na moun xana paidi”, in which for the first time Petros Gaitanos is the director and the screenwriter. The performance was sold out and was performed for one time and only, all the proceeds of the concert were donated to “Society of Parents & Children with Thalassemia of Thessaloniki”.

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Petros Gaitanos presents for the first time a tribute in a symphonic form to the two important composers, Mikis Theodorakis & Stavros Xarchakos in collaboration with a symphonic orchestra at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.


He participates in many albums of important artists/composers like Giorgos Theophanous, Christos Nikolopoulos, Manolis Rasoulis, Yiannis Markopoulos and others.





με τον Γιώργο Θεοφάνους
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με τον Γιάννη Σπανό
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με τον Χρήστο Νικολόπουλο

Κάποια από τα σημαντικότερα έργα
που ερμήνευσε σε πρώτη εκτέλεση είναι:


He performs in the first global work at the Athens Concert Hall the new project “Ode ston Mega Alexandro”, in music of Giorgos Chatzinasios and poetry of Giorgos Papakostas, with a symphonic orchestra & choir, meanwhile this new project is been performed again on July 13, 2005 at the Herodes Atticus Theatre receiving wonderful critics, with the culmination of this work to be presented at the Great Pyramids of Egypt on April 6, 2006 under the auspices of the Greek & Egyptian Governments.


Nicosia Cyprus. He performs a new important work for Cyprus in music of the Cypriot composer Marios Meletiou and poetry of the Cypriot poet Akis Fantis, in collaboration with the Cypriot Symphonic Orchestra of Cyprus, under the direction of Rafael Pylarinos and under the auspices of the President of the Cypriot Democracy.


At the Thessaloniki Concert Hall in collaboration with the Symphonic Orchestra of the municipality of Thessaloniki with the project “Greece, birth and rebirth of the centuries”.

11/09/08 – 08/10/08

Presenting the work of Giorgos Theophanous “Tragoudo to nisi mou” with Marinella and Antonis Remos on September 11, 2008 at the ancient trench of Nicosia, Cyprus and on the 7th & 8th of October 2008 with great success at the Herodes Atticus Theatre.

Petros Gaitanos has been on tours with Mikis Theodorakis and the “Folk Orchestra Mikis Theodorakis” throughout Greece performing with new breath the important songs of the top Greek composer, meanwhile he has performed many tributes to composers and lyricists of Greece like Stavros Kouyioumtzis and Manos Chatzidakis.

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Petros Gaitanos has written dozens of songs and lyrics, only two of those have become albums that have been released up to the present.

He writes the lyrics for the song of Thalassemia titled “San to poulaki pianomai” that becomes part of the album “E Thalassa sto Tragoudi” and the music of the song “Olo mou Fevgis” in the album “O Gyalinos Dromeas”.

He served for some years as an artistic director of the Karipion Melathron of Thessaloniki.

" Petros tells us a lot with his voice "
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Stamatis Spanoudakis
Greek Composer & Lyricist
September 1990