The Greatest hits and the best traditional songs

2 CD

Art Supervision: Petros Gaitanos

Universal Music 2006


The Greatest hits

01. Wrong Season

02. And I fall into tears

03. I am getting lost

04. You marked me

05. In the old castle

06. Lonely people

07. I am writing you 1st of December

08. You will not become yesterday

09. Authority

10. Let them laugh at us

11. Drapetsona

12. Theories

13. Where to find

14. Take me with you

15. If you remember my dream

16. Love borders

17. Boat, little boat

18. That’s the way love is created

19. Shipwreck

20. Lost love

21. I am caught like a bird

22. Free seas

The best traditional songs

01. I love you because you’re lovely

02. An ox-cart is passing by

03. Twelve little evzones

04. Thomais

05. A gentleman’s son is getting married

06. My red apple

07. One Saturday night, oh Maria

08. Now that they started dancing

09. What a mistake to love you

10. Your health, our Lady

11. I told you and I tell you again

12. Now the birds

13. An eagle was flying around

14. Tsiambasin, Kotyoron, Ordous

15. Romania was conquered

16. Tzivaeri

17. The mother is like cool fresh water