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contemporary music

Songs express my daily routine, the temporary expression of my years.

I love singing them and presenting them in my concerts.

I have made plenty of albums with modern songs, some of which became great hits, sung by me originally or in second versions.

I find songs quite charming for their simplicity, as they do not require a lot of study, special conditions, work and toil, so that you may record them on any occasion, still their three-minute duration is quite magical and efficiently serves their purpose.

This repertoire is useful for my artistic course, even though it does not constitute my primary need.

My dealing with modern songs makes me part of contemporary times, something which, more often than not, escapes my attention, as I am usually lost in the eternal material of the expression of my art.

I have always sung modern songs that have been created by prominent composers and lyricists- poets of my country, who they lend me their talent and I, in return, lend them back my sound, my breath and my presence, so that we travel along in temperate musical journeys!

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