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byzantine music

Where my heart belongs.

I’ve been studying, chanting and recording Ecclesiastical Byzantine Music for over three decades, as I was studying the art of this music I was fascinated by its history and its values as well. I’ve given and I’m still giving many concerts around the world, I have recorded dozens of albums throughout these years with a great variety of repertoire and always with a touch of my personal expression.

I have put thousands of hours into Byzantine music not only by studying, recording, rehearsing but also giving live concerts, chanting at holy monasteries and churches around the world…even though I feel so inadequate I do feel that if there is something worthwhile in me, it’s because the Lord has been granted it to me and I wish that He will always blesses me with His blessings and I will use them to glorify Him!

Everything I have achieved so far and keep achieving is because of my love to God, the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The art of Byzantine Music is for me the way to achieve my goals.

It is as if I wish to go to a festive occasion and as I walk  into it, full of joyous expectation, I realise that God has provided me with strong legs and wings, so that I may occasionally rush or fly towards its joy.

It is not an artistic need, but a much deeper one, which has always urged me to deal with all divine and holy things, that is why I have worked on God’s music and poetry.

This exceptional art and need constitutes an expression of my heart in my life.

So simply, so clearly, the words interminable, the sensation, the one and only.

Whoever can feel God’s frequency, he coordinates with it.

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