pigi tis zois


Ecclesiastical Byzantine hymns dedicated to Virgin Mary

Universal Music 2000

Traditional Chants

Narrator : Ghiannis Fertis



01. Pure, Virgin, Lady A poem by Saint Nektarios, Music: Monastery of Simonos Petras, Athos, 1st plagal tone

02. Thy birth, Virgin Mary Dismissal hymn, 4th tone

03. Today He who rests in mental thrones Idiomelon, Kekragario from the Vespers. Serghios’ poetry, 2nd plagal tone

04. This is the Lord’s Day Docsasticon from the Lauds. Serghios’ poetry, 2nd plagal tone


05. Today God’s Grace Dismissal hymn, 4th tone

06. Today Virgin Mary is presented to the temple Docsasticon from the Lauds. Leon Maistor’s poetry, 2nd tone


07. Virgin Mary, the defender Kontakion, 4th plagal tone

08. Gabriel the Archangel was sent from heaven Docsasticon from the Kegragaria of the Vespers. Monk Ioannis’ poetry, 2nd plagal tone

9. Today is the beginning of our salvation Dismissal hymn, 4th tone


10. What an unusual miracle

1. Alas! How great are thy mysteries

12. Thy assumption is praised Resemblance from the Vespers, 1st tone

13. By a divine nod Docsasticon from the Kekragaria of the Vespers, Eight-tone

14. For thy immortal assumption Docsasticon from the Lauds, 2nd plagal tone

15. Thou kept thy Virginity in birth Dismissal hymn, 1st tone


16. It is worthwhile to praise thee, Virgin Mary ( Patriarchal) Jacob’s, the choir leader, 1st plagal tone

17. It is incomprehensible Magnificats of the Candlemas that are chanted during the Matins of the feast, 3rd tone

18. Virgin Mary Matron ‘’Unpublished’’ from ‘’Danielei and Thomades’’ fraternity, Mount Athos, Grave tone

19. The Angels’ sweetness

20. Gold-crowned tower

21. I have thee as a mediator Ecsapostilaria from the short and great Canon of Request, 3rd tone

22. The Beauty of thy Virginity Cathisma, 3rd tone

23. Where should I resort to, but thee, pure ? Calophonicos irmos. Composed by Emmanuel Hatzimarcos, 1st tone


Supervision of Hymns: Ioannis Tsamis

With the participation of a Byzantine choir
Choirmaster: Ioannis Tsamis
Text supervision: Chrysostomos Stamoulis
Production: Universal Music

Production Management: Petros Gaitanos
Production Supervision: Dimitris Machas

The recordings took place in Recording Studios MagnAnimous, Thessaloniki
Sound-recording Supervision: Gheorghios Pentzikis
Sound-engineer: Martin Ekman
Digital mastering: Kyriakos Grammaticopoulos
Director of Recording Centre: Nicos Espialidis
Mixed by: Charalambos Blazoudakis
Montage-mastering: Petros Depian. Assistant: Gheorghios Mathioudakis
Artwork: Petros Paraschis, Dimitris Panaghiotacopoulos
Cover-painting supervision: Eleni Voutsina
Photographs: Dimitris Kylalous