b12 4

when I was a little child

My God how much milk was I drinking and I look like a little ball
I was very little here and laughing while I was watching the older kids at a school gymnastics show
What a joy i had in kindergarten at the school’s Christmas celebration
Always in all of our photo poses they’ll add a flower or a flower pot next to us or in front of us to make the photo more beautiful. We’ve been laughing at it, years later when we look at them and this adorable with repeated thoughts of the people of those years
At the living room of my family home in Kokkinogeia, Drama Greece
Fleeting moments, but a piece of my own life and course in this life
A poem in elementary school, those elementary school years were a paradise to me with endless memories
I had so much joy when I was dressing up as tsolias (Greek folk uniform) I’m still feeling joyful when I’m thinking about it
If you were born an artist
Sometime then these artistic poses started
At Paraskevas’ photo studio in Prosotsani, I think I’m eleven years old here but I was feeling much older since I could be photographed at the studio like the adults did
Another day at Paraskevas’ photo studio with a different outfit and style